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Enosch Wolf is back in Germany contemplating his options for his basketball and academic career.

The rising senior center is invited back on the basketball team as a walk-on according to UConn. His scholarship was not renewed and reportedly headed for 5th year senior Lasan Kromah from George Washington. Men's basketball has a 13 scholarship limit. Scholarships are 1-year renewable grants and coaches routinely make roster switches and for a variety of reasons in all sports. Wolf isn't the first UConn athlete to be taken off scholarship.


Wolf had charges of domestic violence dropped after undergoing rehabilitation this spring and can still be a student and presumably a member of the basketball team.

What makes Wolf's case unique is that if he wants to stay as a walk-on or even complete his degree as a student-only -- he has to foot the entire bill upfront. A look of what he has to pay to walk-on at UConn highlights the staggering cost of education in the United States.

Wolf, as an international student, is not eligible for any financial aid, grants or federal loans. There is no financial aid money for him -- even need based. Two years ago, Andre Drummond was a walk-on at UConn, but he was able to tap into the financial aid marketplace to defray some of the costs, and as an in-state resident got a break.


He pays full price.

The cost of UConn tuition, room and board and other fees  and expected expenses will come out to just under $48,000 for the 2013-14 academic year. Wolf is not eligible for any federal assistance or have access to student loan money. Those programs are only available to United States citizens or legal permanent residents. Private loans can be made in the United States and there is a market for student loans without a federal guarantee, but loaning that money out to a foreign national without a U.S. based co-signor is a non-starter.

Here's the breakdown for  UConn, which doesn't include books, health insurance and incidentals:

UConn Tuition

Main CampusIn-StateOut-of-State
University & Student Fees$2,766$2,766
Residence Hall (average)$6,278$6,278
University Meals (7-day program)$5,444$5,444
Estimated Yearly Expenses*$23,744$42,692




Wolf, and his family, needs to declare to the university before he comes back that he has a verified minimum of $48,000 in liquid assets before even being allowed to enroll next fall.

That's a staggering amount for education upfront for a foreign student. Education isn't funded through debt internationally as heavily as it is in the United States. Typically, in Germany, institutions of higher learning are state funded with a nominal tuition fee.

Wolf needs $48,000. That's what it would cost up front to be the fifth big-man on a college basketball team. Wolf is behind Tyler Olander, Phil Nolan and recruits Kentan Facey and Amidah Brimah in the pivot.

The thought of having UConn have the depth with Wolf and also the wing depth of Karmah is salivating. Who wouldn't want another 7-foot-1 center hanging around?

But, the price for Wolf to do it is extraordinary.

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