Vladimir Putin

Ilya Kovalchuk finally arrived as Devils camp yesterday and needless to say, he is soooooo happy to be back in the NHL. The KHL? Those brown paper bags filled with off-the-books bookoo bucks? What?! He never wanted to stay there! He doesn't know where you guys are getting that from.

Look, I haven't been bothered by this story from the outset. I understood the whole political wrangling of it all -- the KHL asking Ilya and the rest of "The Russian 4" (Datsyuk, Ovechkin, Malkin) to help their native league make a statement to the big, bad NHL. Then there's the allure of playing at home, in front your family and friends and the fact that the KHL can pay him a lot more than the NHL can -- on the books and otherwise.

But then Kovy decided to go and play dumb today at the Prudential Center and that got me all sorts of riled up. It's just all so damn disingenuous and ridiculous.

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