Will Blackmon

Darius Reynaud pulled his hamstring at practice today during a kick return. Despite the setback, he told reporters that he intends to play Sunday .

Coach Coughlin has yet to officially declare Will Blackmon the KR/PR but this injury would likely expedite that process. It is hard to imagine that the Giants would take Reynaud across the country today just to return kicks with a bad hammy.

It is worth noting that a (likely minor) hamstring injury placed fan-favorite Victor Cruz on IR. One could assume that a disappointing Reynaud is in danger of a similar fate.

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For those of you wondering if the Giants would pick up Randy Moss, (kidding of course) wonder no more. The Giants did have an open slot today after placing CB Bruce Johnson on IR, but opted to nab young DE Alex Hall instead.

Johnson, made a splash as a rookie in 2009, pick-6ing Tony Romo in the Week 2 Sunday Night Showdown. Johnson suffered a slight demotion in 2010 upon the return of a healthy Aaron Ross. His season is now over following knee surgery.

Hall, as you might remember, was with the Giants in camp this summer. I am a bit surprised that the Giants opted to add him instead of a running back, receiver, or DB. A popular topic this summer was the crowded DE situation and though Kiwanuka has been lost, the four men tandem rounded out by Dave Tollefson has been enjoying great success. It did not seem like a project DE was a pressing concern.

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...and why should we think he's an improvement over Darius Reynaud...?

Because anyone would be an improvement, that's why. Darius Reynaud leads the league with 22 punt returns. He is averaging 5.9 yards per return.

That does not lead the league, by the way. Of all the punt returners in the NFL with 12 or more attempts, Reynaud is by far the least productive.

When the Vikings threw Reynaud in the Sage Rosefels deal, most Giant fans felt like they got a steal.? They got robbed, instead....

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