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Suzanne Johnson, who is the wife of Jets owner Woody Johnson, was all smiles when the news of Tom Brady's?four-game suspension was announced last night (Price, May 11).

Johnson tweeted a link of the Brady suspension story from NFL.com along with a smiley face emoji to the Patriots official twitter handle.

The tweet was deleted shortly after being posted and the Jets refrained from commenting on the matter.

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The Jets announced this afternoon that the 2015 training camp will remain in Florham Park, New Jersey (Jets, March 31).

Jets training camp had been held at SUNY Cortland for five of the past six seasons. The move allows the Jets to hold camp in their year-round training?facility and be closer to their core NY/NJ fan base.

?SUNY Cortland felt like home because of the tremendous local support we received during our time there,? said Jets Owner Woody Johnson. ?President Erik Bitterbaum and the university staff, as well as the families and businesses of Central New York, all went above and beyond to embrace our organization and create a comfortable environment for our team and fans. They always will be a part of our Jets family.?

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Eagles general manager Howie Roseman has emerged as a potential candidate for the same job with the Jets.

Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer reported two sources said Roseman, 39, has had conversations with the Jets about their vacancy (Inquirer, Jan. 1).

McLane reported the Jets have not put in a formal interview request. McLane reported sources said that Roseman or his agent have had informal talks with either owner Woody Johnson or consultant Charlie Casserly.

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Will Rex's future be determined by whether the Jets can make the playoffs this season? While many (myself included) have speculated as such, Kristian Dyer of Metro New York?reports that Ryan's future is not necessarily tied to getting into the postseason.

But Metro New York has learned it isn?t ?postseason or bust? for Ryan this year if he wants to extend his stay in New York.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, a team source with knowledge of the situation said Ryan ?isn?t on any hot seat? this season, despite the fact his Jets haven?t had a winning record the past three seasons let alone made the playoffs.

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Got a?Case of the Mondays? Fear not!?Columnist and TheJetsBlog Podcast co-host?Corey Griffin?has you covered every?Monday?morning with thoughts, ideas and opinions about all things Jets.

General manager John Idzik helped owner Woody Johnson make the right decision in retaining Rex Ryan as coach. Now, it?s time for Idzik to show he meant it.

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"We're trying to win games and do the right thing. Truth, justice and the American way. We live by it ... we really do. We have a strong credo, very proud people, very intelligent people that work in our building. We want to avoid the avoidable and I think we do a good job."

[/sny-box]-- Woody Johnson on the recent arrest of Mike Goodson
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There's a few mentions of Darrelle Revis in today's MMQB column on Sports Illustrated.

First, Peter King writes an idea that most of us would probably just answer with a "yeah ... and?" except for probably the last three words.

I think when I see headlines about the Jets keeping an open mind on whether or not to trade Darrell Revis, I am heartened that they have not lost their minds. Then I think: They're just saying that. There's far too much smoke out there, and far too little whispering to sources off the record that Revis is going nowhere, for me to believe they aren't desperate to move him. Mistakenly, of course.
Mistakenly? ?It comes down to pragmatism. ?Whether he's the most talented player the Jets have had on their team in a long time is besides the point. ?The owner is unwilling to meet his escalating contract demands and Revis doesn't like to play on a contract that he doesn't feel like values him properly. ?But if the Jets are so desperate to move him and there's so few teams to work with ... why are the Jets unwilling to take whatever the market has offered? ?The Eagles have bowed out, and the two teams (Falcons & Niners) that Team Revis floated have been shot down by the teams themselves.

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Woody Johnson and the rest of the NFL owners are in Phoenix this week for league meetings and when asked about the 2012 backup quarterback and his status with the Jets, Woody Johnson didn't give any direct answers on the matter according to Manish Mehta, "we?re looking at all possibilities with [Tebow]. We?ll see what the offseason [brings]."

I know it's seems silly, but I really think it comes down to trying to move him via trade to save cap space. ?Tebow is on the books for $2.6 million in 2013. ?Should they cut him, they save about a million dollars, should they trade him, they save most of that full cap figure. ?It doesn't seem like much, but when the Jets are pinching pennies with potential starters like OLB Antwan Barnes, then we have to expect that they are going to do everything they can to save all the cap space they can for the 2013 season.

But just because the Jets want to trade Tebow doesn't mean they will be able to do so. ?This meeting in Phoenix might represent one of the last best chances between now and the draft to move Tebow. ?The foregone conclusion is that there is zero chance that Tebow returns with the Jets in 2012. ?Based on the way Rex Ryan avoided (like the plague) playing #15 at quarterback, it's hard to imagine that they would bring him back if the team's coach doesn't think him competent to play his own position. ?Maybe the Jets will shock the world and have come up with plans to actually let him compete for the starting job in 2013, but it seems so far-fetched at this point. ?Sooner or later the team will cut him, but they sure are taking their time to do so.

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Earlier this season there were some reports that Tebow might request a trade at the end of the year should he not get the opportunity to start.

Earlier Woody Johnson was on CNBC to talk politics, and the topic of his QBs came up, via the Star-Ledger.

"Will we keep Tebow? Absolutely," Johnson said. "He'll be with us for three years, and I think he's going to be a real valuable asset in terms of helping us win games."

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In case you missed it, ESPN's Mike & Mike had a number of Jets folks on their show this morning. ?Here's the links to the interviews.

[sny-box]Rex Ryan: Talks about Sanchez and Tebow, many of the rest of his offensive skill players and much more. - Listen

Mike Tannenbaum:?Tebow/Sanchez, the Jets troubles in the preseason, replacement refs, facing the Bills. -?Listen

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Last week Jets owner Woody Johnson spoke to the press and answered a number of questions about the Jets, his coaching staff, the stadium, Tim Tebow (of course), and whether or not he was alarmed by the amount of pub his team was getting this year.

On if he likes the amount of interest in his team?

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We're going to start welcoming some new writers into the fold here at TJB in the coming days. ?We're happy to present Daniel Kamali, who will be writing for us in the days and weeks ahead.

Just a scant few weeks go after long and weary week filled with Peyton to Jets rumors, Mike Tannenbaum held a conference call to announce the extension of Mark Sanchez. The Jets signed him to a three year extension worth a guaranteed $20.5 mill. It gave an apology to Mark Sanchez for going after Peyton and also provides cap relief for the 2012 season. ?But most importantly, for the first time ever the Jets are ready to be patient with something into which they invested so much.

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