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Yankees manager Joe Girardi told the media Tuesday night that he doesn't know how to explain why his offensive is performing poorly (ESPN, July 2).When asked why he thought the offense would eventually turn it around, he cited his players' proven track records. The Yankees have 30 days before the non-waiver trade deadline to figure out what's not working.But for now, Girardi will have to work with what he's got."These are the guys that we have, and these are the guys that have to get it done on a nightly basis," Girardi said after the Yankees' second 2-1 loss in four days. "As I’ve said in the game, no one is going to feel sorry for you, and no one has a magic potion. You just have to go out and grind it out."With names like Mark Teixeira, Carlos Beltran, Jacoby Ellsbury, and Derek Jeter in the lineup, left fielder Brett Gardner remains optimistic."I don’t think you ever doubt yourself, and you don’t doubt your teammates, you don’t doubt your coaching staff," Gardner said. "You believe in the guys we have in the room, believe in our approach and what we do. It’s only July 1, so it’s not like we’re out of things. I don’t think anyone is ready to give up on each other. It’s definitely frustrating at times; it’s disappointing. I know the fans are disappointed because they expect better -- and they have a right to expect better. Hopefully we can turn things around starting tomorrow."Of course, out of that list of names - and then some - Ellsbury is the only one who has been producing at the plate in a competitive way."As I've said, it’s not just a couple of guys struggling, it’s a number of guys," Girardi said. "Maybe you mix the order, but we got our guys that are swinging the bat the best up the most and the other guys have to find a way to contribute, too."
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