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Perhaps the only funnier radio riff  on Andrew Wiggins than Colin Cowherd's question to Bobby Hurley earlier this year occurred Friday afternoon on WFAN in New York.

Mike Francesa, who clearly hasn't watched a college basketball game yet this season, interviewed Kentucky coach John Calipari in advance of the Kentucky-Providence game Sunday at Barclays Center.

At one point, Francesa blurted out: "How did Wiggins get to Kansas?"

Calipari: "Well, I think again we had a whole group of guys and..."

Francesa interrupts: "Did you recruit? Were you close? You had to be close on Wiggins. You're close on everybody...How good is Wiggins?"

Calipari: "He's really talented."

Francesa: "I mean, put him in perspective for me. How talented?"

Calipari: "Well, athletically he's off the charts and basketball-wise Bill [Self] will do a great job."

Francesa interrupts again: "Will he walk in and be an NBA star?"

Calipari: "In time he will but you can't just be athletic, you gotta have skills. So his skills are good..."

Francesa: "Is he a serious player...I haven't seen him play yet."

Calipari: "If you had the cross between his athleticism and the kid at Duke [Jabari Parker's] skillset you would have someone off the chain. Like, oh my gosh. So it's a little different....And then you got my kid..."

Francesa interrupts: "Compare [Julius] Randle to somebody for me."

Calipari: "A bigger Zach Randolph maybe."

Francesa: "Oh, really. Is he that wide?"

Calipari: "Oh, yeah. He's big and he can shoot. He's more of a perimeter guy."

Francesa: "I haven't seen him yet. Is he lefty or righty?"

Calipari: "He's lefty."

Francesa: "Oh, man. He's lefty, oh wow....Show him some Bob Lanier tape."

Classic stuff. Thanks for an entertaining interview, Mike.

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